Overall Look

The overall look desired is often influenced by many details such as distressing (if any), edge detail, grooves between planks, top thickness, etc.

Level of Distress

We offer different levels of distress that changes the overall look and feel of a table. The levels range from no distressing to heavy. For a formal design we suggest no distressing, less informal, the distressing can range. As you will see below, adding grooves to a table top can change the look of a table. View our examples below.

*Note: much distressing beyond a medium/heavy will become less practical for a low-maintenance design.

Clean: No distress.

Minimal: Only a few small dings.

Light: Noticeable and more distinct, but still very subtle.

Medium: An increase of markings that are still not considerably noticeable.

Heavy: A good deal of distress while boards remain level with no major gaps.

Rough Sawn: Uneven boards with saw marks.

Table Edge

We offer a few different choices for our table edges. Each bringing their own twist and design aesthetic. The options being clean, natural wavy, tumbled, ogee, and step round over. Take a look below to see what suits you.

*Note: the natural wavy edge is not an option for round tables.

Clean Edge

Natural Wavy Edge

Tumbled Edge

Other Edges

Clean Top or Grooves

For a cleaner look a flat top is best, no grooves, but for some interest in the top we offer grooves. See below.

Table Thickness

An element that can surprisingly impact the prominence of a table is the thickness of the top. Offering three top thicknesses, the visual weight varies with each. Standard, thick, and extra thick top are the three options. The standard and thick tops are the most common options for tables and benches. The extra thick has limited availability and is only in certain wood species. It is often used without an apron under the top. Typically our bench tops remain standard size unless otherwise specified. Below pictures the three choices as well as table examples.


The apron is the wood framing under the table top. It offers no structural support, but comes down to personal preference. It adds visual weight when included. Tables without, can have a cleaner, crisper look.

Cross Brace

The cross brace is simply a design aesthetic. Whether or not there is a cross brace does not affect the integrity of the table’s structure. Some customers like to personalize their tables and thus engrave their cross brace. Below gives examples of the options.


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