What Table Height Works Best for You?

Like most anything there are pros and cons to bar, counter, and standard-height tables. It’s simply a matter of finding what table height works best for your space and needs. To decide what will work for you, continue reading!

Pros and Cons of Bar & Counter-Height Tables

Bar-height tables are typically 42” tall, whereas counter-height tables are 36” tall. Both of these table heights are great for eat-in kitchens and small rooms as they add extra preparation or work space if ever needed. Their height, being elevated, Rustic Elements Furniture Counter-Height Tablebrings the eye up, making rooms look less cramped. Taller individuals might have a greater appreciation for counter and bar-height tables as the added height allows for more leg room. On top of that, unlike standard-height tables, you don’t have to lift or push yourself out of the chair. This can be an added bonus for those who find doing so difficult. Finally, if you like to host parties and are known for your basement bar, bar-height tables are a great choice. They allow for comfortable standing room where additional guests can chat while having a place to set their food and drinks.

There are some cons for both bar and counter-height tables. For one thing, you’re forced to stay in essentially the same position because there is less flexibility in moving your legs and changing your posture. What are known as stretchers (footrests), can help add comfort, but above all, it is necessary to find comfortable chairs. Along these same lines, it is more Rustic Elements Bar-Height Tabledifficult to find counter or bar-height chairs around your house for your twice-yearly large gatherings. From another aspect, tall tables are not as safe for families with little children. They are harder to climb up, but they are also more of a fall hazard – and a longer one at that!

Standard-Height Tables Summarized

The most popular of table heights are standard-height tables at 30” tall. This style often has the biggest selection to choose from, as the majority find it the most practical and comfortable. If you’re looking for something more formal, this is the table height for you. It’s easier to grab chairs from around the house when extra seating is needed too. Often people do not have counter or bar-height chairs sitting around. Standard-height tables are more wheelchair accessible, and it is a lot easier for little ones to climb in and out of chairs and benches for standard-height tables.Rustic Elements Furniture Angled Leg Table

It is always helpful to measure your space and try to simulate the table measurements to aid in visualizing the table height and dimensions. We highly encourage laying blankets over existing tables or other objects, cutting cardboard to size, or measuring with painter’s tape on the floor to mimic the potential table size. Try it! You’ll be glad you did. All of our tables are made to the exact size specified. Length, width, and height can all be adjusted as needed. There is no need to stick to the “standard” heights. Think about the space, how you use it, and the main needs/usage you’ll be getting from your table. That will give you the best idea of what design style will work for you! Contact us if you need help choosing!

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