We’re Done with Humidity

This is the last of our humidity mentions. . . well, at least until fall. Then you’ll be hearing about it again. For the majority of our customers this applies to you as we live in an area that sees all of the changes throughout the year. For you out-of-state-ers, we’ll have a few notes for you later on.
Locals, as the temperatures begin to climb, we are less and less at risk for low humidity levels. You may start to see your floors or molding gaps close back up.
    • Make sure you have a humidity gauge. Some thermostats display it. Make sure it’s within the 35-55% range.Rustic Elements Humidifier Information
    • Fresh air is great but you can throw your humidity way off if it’s cold or raining. A day with open windows is probably not a big deal, but nothing prolonged and watch your gauge!
    • Your A/C will keep indoor humidity in check and not allow it to get too high.
Out-of-state folks, it all varies. In high humidity, A/C or dehumidifiers need to be on. Dry areas, still need humidifiers.
    • Ensure your system is in proper working order and you’re reading the imperative numbers.
    • Ideally your humidity will not go below 35% or above 60%.
    • Vacation homes, even when you are not there, keep the A/C and humidifiers going.
    • Typically the colder you keep it, 50’s, the less humidification will be required.
Until next time, enjoy the days as they begin to warm and bring sunshine!

Here is our “Care Guide.”
Give it a read for more information on humidity, care, etc.
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