Outdoor Patio Sets

Let’s talk about your options for outdoor entertaining or even just spending a relaxing evening lounging or indulging in dinner on the back patio. The two main features most are looking for when it comes to outdoor patio sets, are comfort and durability. Let’s dive into that.

Outdoor furniture is put through the ringer with all the conditions it lives through. That’s important to keep in mind.Rustic Elements - Metal Outdoor Patio Set When it comes to selecting outdoor patio sets, you’ve got three options:

  1. A top coat finish. This idea is that using a top coat, it creates a layer of protection for the wood and will allow the product to move more freely with the natural fluctuations in wood. Overall this prevents less “weak” spots in the finish, creating a more resistant product. Upkeep will still be required, but should give you more time between retreating along with a surface that is easy to wipe/clean.
  2. The second option is a sealant which would mean resealing your wood furniture yearly. It’s the same concept as a cutting board, you coat and let the sealant soak into the wood. It’s a relatively pain-free process, but does require that once a year commitment. It’s an effective way to preserve and protect without the extra steps of sanding that a “top coat” would require. As far as functionality goes, this style of outdoor furniture has a rougher surface which makes it more prone to staining when mustard, wine, etc. spills occur. Having said that, the sun will bake most stains off.
  3. Third and final are poly products. It is a product made from recycled plastic jugs/cartons, melted down, and used to form “poly planks.” There are numerous pros to products like this.
        • The reuse/recycling. As listed above. These products mean less going to landfills.
        • The longevity. No cracking, chipping, peeling, molding, deteriorating, along with a UV protectant to help lessen color washing.
        • The ease of use. Keeping this outdoor furniture maintained simply means a quick wash when required. Water and soap is all that is needed.Rustic Elements - Poly Furniture


Moral of the story, there are several great options when it comes to outdoor furniture. It will just depend on the overall desired look and what you’re willing /able to commit to.

If you would like more information on either of these three options for outdoor patio sets, don’t hesitate to reach out. Click here to contact us!

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