Custom Storage

Storage is a big factor in the functionality and organization of a home. We’ve mentioned before our ability to create/furnish whole kitchen and dining rooms from the tables and chairs, to storage pieces. Like our tables, we’re able to handcraft storage pieces to your design preferences and needs. Read on to find out your options for hutches, buffets, media centers, bookcases, and dressers and whether choosing a standard design or going fully custom is best for you!

The Process

Nearly all our custom storage pieces are hand built in collaboration with our Amish counterparts. We love the quality and flexibility of their work! If you want to know more on why we have no qualms integrating their pieces with ours, click here.  In the meantime, here’s what the design process looks like for custom storage:

  • Like our tables, we can do essentially any piece to your specs.
  • You can piggyback off of the standard designs, or bring your own inspiration photo. More likely than not, we’re able to recreate the desired style, while maintaining your specs. The options are nearly endless. You can swap out wood for glass doors, standard or shiplap backing, supply your own hardware, adjust the layout, wood vs. glass shelving, etc.
  • Once we know the look/color you have in mind, we can help you choose the wood species. Another great option with these pieces is that we can have the builder finish them in one of their standard stains or we can have it sent unfinished and stain it in-house with one of our colors. The second option is fantastic when creating a set where the table and storage pieces match.

Keep in mind that the configuration of a piece dictates the usage. Think of it this way, you start with a box and add a number of elements that changes the purpose. A compilation of drawers, you’ve got a dresser, mix a few drawers with doors, add cord cut-outs in the backing, you’ve created a media center, blend a layout of drawers and doors with no cut-out, you’ve got yourself a buffet. The same applies for hutches. Skip the doors and the layout can be tweaked to transform what would be considered a hutch to a bookcase. The level of flexibility allows room for creativity, but also functionality. Hutches and buffets pair most with what we do, simply because our main focus is tables and thus a set is easily created, but don’t underestimate the ability to furnish family rooms with our coffee, console, and side tables paired with your fully custom bookcases or media center.

To simplify, here’s a breakdown of your options:

  • Standard: You use a pre-existing design, tweak the size, and select the wood species and stain.
  • Semi-Custom: You modify the layout, size, height, and select wood species and stain.
  • Fully-Custom: You give us the photo of the design you want, we bring it to life.

Custom Pieces: From Idea to Reality

The photos below are great examples of an original design that was then tweaked to the customer’s desired size and layout. In this case, we kept the original characteristics, but tweaked the layout, height, etc. for the needed functionality in the customer’s home.

For this customer, we designed a fully custom piece, to exactly her vision. The photos take you through the design process of getting the sketches and specs finalized, to the final result of the pieces delivered.

Here is another customer who started the design process from scratch and ended their design process with a stunning walnut buffet.

These are just a few examples of the many custom storage pieces we’ve tweaked, built, and designed. For more ideas browse through our page dedicated to the hutches and buffets we’ve built for customers or contact us to start designing your custom piece today!

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