Custom Office Furniture

With all the happenings of the current times, thousands more people are working from home and for many permanently. We’ve gotten a surge of inquiries about our custom office furniture. Just like any other furniture or space in your home, you want it to best fit the function and needs of your space. Overtime, like our tables, our custom office furniture has developed from simple and straightforward to more complex, custom pieces. It’s become a fun process for us to bring your ideas to life. Read on to find out the progression of our custom office furniture and the options that ensue.

What Started out as Standard Office Furniture

Rustic Elements Furniture Desk with Pencil Drawer

To aid in the function of a table as a desk, we added a pencil drawer, cord management, and shifted the bases further out towards the ends. We’ll happily design a straight forward desk or can add filing cabinets, multiple storage drawers, cord cut-outs, monitor stands, etc. So long as we can design a sturdy, functional desk, you can throw nearly anything at us!

Office Furniture and Its Function

One of the many perks of designing custom office furniture, is that you can take into consideration your needs and how the space will be used. Measuring and laying out the space to visualize traffic flow, contemplate the size of projects that will be worked on the desk, etc. are all topics that can be addressed when designing your office furniture. Our pieces are built to order, so you’ll be the one to tell us size, the needed function, and purpose. With that information and any inspiration photos you may have, we’ll design the pieces to best fit your needs. Will you primarily be using the desk for paperwork, computer use, arts and crafts, homework, will it be tucked away in an office, or snugged into a corner kitchen workspace? These are the kinds of things to consider.

Office Furniture but Make It PrettyRustic Elements Furniture Desk with Cord Cut-Out

If you’ve designed any custom furniture pieces with us, you’ll know the drill, but for those of you who don’t, as many of our customers have said in good humor, “There’s too many options!” Our response to that is, yes, there are too many options, but for good reason.  We don’t buy into the idea that “one size fits all,” but truly want to help create your ideal piece of furniture. To achieve that, you need options, and lots of them to cater to the various lifestyles and needs. Whether you have inspiration of your own, need to browse our portfolio, we can help walk you through the process to best choose size, layout, wood species, color, and the overall look and feel. If you’re going custom, you may as well do it full out! We’ve got tons of stain choices, powder coat colors for metal bases, you can send us the hardware of your choice, along with other details to choose from that will determine the overall vibe.Rustic Elements Furniture Live Edge Slab Desk

Consider this, as the usage of certain rooms in houses are changing, if you often use your dining room table as an office space, we can easily add a drawer to toss your laptop and papers in when you’ve moved onto meal time. The same would apply to a buffet. Swap out existing space with a filing cabinet and you’ve got yourself a multi-purpose, multi-functional dining room.Rustic Elements Furniture Desk Chair

Seating Options

No office is complete without seating. There are a slew of choices when it comes to desk chairs. Nearly all our chairs can be built as an office chair. You can choose side vs. arm chairs, leather, fabric, or wood, gas lift or screw lift to adjust height, and soft caster or standard plastic wheels. With dozens of fabric, leather, and nail head options, you really can create your ideal office furniture set!

Browse some of the many office furniture projects we’ve built over the years and grab some inspiration. If you have another idea in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us with some example photos. We’re here to work with you!

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