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Rustic Elements Furniture offers genuine handmade tables and custom furniture. We pride ourselves in fine craftsmanship and unbeatable customer service. We specialize in building affordable, yet custom handcrafted tables and furniture. Each of our pieces are built to suit our customer’s design aesthetic and room dimensions.

                     Scott and The Team

Element Furniture Team

Many things have led me to create Rustic Elements. At the core, I am a hands-on person. I like to fix, build, craft, etc. Many years ago, I was working for builders while also doing extensive renovations in my home. I moved some walls around and created a nice dining area. I had to furnish this new space, so I went shopping for a table. Overall, I was not impressed with the quality that came along with the high prices. Thus, I embarked on making my own wood table and soon realized many folks had the same experience. Over the years, we have focused on creating high-quality products with the option to customize that will make it work for the customer. I look at tables as work benches in a family’s home, a piece that sees daily use. The amount of wear and tear tables go through is not matched by any other furniture piece in the house, so each one that leaves our workshop is meticulously hand-built with solid hardwoods and the best finishes. As a result of this, we have grown into a fine-tuned shop that I am extremely proud to say builds some of the best tables on the market.





What Rustic Elements is All About

For us, the most important thing is to create a high-quality product that provides a solution; whether it’s aesthetic, proper size, leg room for built-in seating, or a surface that can be used daily without fear of someone easily damaging it. It is extremely rewarding to build something you are proud of, that will be enjoyed by others, and serves a fundamental purpose that can be passed down for generations.

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Rustic Elements Furniture Dining Room Table

Rustic Elements Furniture


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