What kind of finish and care is used?

We pride ourselves on the usability and durability of our custom wood tables. Each of our pieces of wood furniture are finished using a high-end commercial grade finish imported from Italy. It is very tough and adds to the durability of of our tables. But what does that actually mean? No white ring from cups! No haze from heat! No stains from common household spills. Our furniture will stand up to the harshest of chemicals, including nail polish remover, bleach, wine, and household cleaners. But, our tables are not indestructible! You must take proper care to ensure they stay in top shape for decades to come. However, they are incredibly easy to live with! We use the hardest, highest quality wood available, take the time to build them the right way, and apply the best finish available. When you purchase a piece of furniture from Rustic Elements, you know you’re getting furniture you can count on.


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