What’s In A Name: Our Custom Pedestals

As mentioned in our “Custom Tables, Options, and What to Know” blog, we have ten pedestal options (not including our metal designs) to hold your table top up. In reality, we have done more than those ten base options, as customers have come to us with an idea for the bottom half of their custom table, and we worked with them to achieve the desired goal. All of our created pedestals are an integral part of the table building process, which is why we give them a name! We put the pedestal on a pedestal, if you will. So, what’s in a name? What drove us to address them as such? Today we will touch on a small fraction of our pedestals. Proceed on to meet some of our bases!


Perhaps the only base that gets a chuckle out of customers is our Belly pedestal. If you have ever heard Scott explain the Belly, you will know that the first thing he says is, “It’s like a beer belly!” And, he is not exactly wrong. The Belly starts off slim and curves outward about halfway down, forming the “belly” shape as it pulls back in to the center. In addition to its naming, the belly offers a smooth and rounded appearance with little to no sharp edges or corners. Make no mistake, though, it can fit in to a distinguished, clean space as well. A little-known fact about the Belly is that it was one of the first pedestals we ever completed. It was the leader by being our pilot pedestal. To this day, it ranks as one of our customer’s more popular choices. Take a look at this example of a Belly pedestal in our customer’s home!


Speaking of customers, that brings us to another pedestal. Recently, we revealed our newest pedestal option: the Marks! If you frequently keep up with us on social media, you would know that there is a nice backstory to this base’s name. We worked with a customer to achieve her desired pedestal look on a custom table. Her idea mixed with our sketching stuck and we knew instantaneously that this base was going to be special. We decided to honor the customer that essentially brought to life this pedestal and named it after her! Just another reason to shop small businesses. We put our personal touch and heart into every piece.


The Franklin. The name and the pedestal have many things in common: they are dignified, have a strong presence and are overall impressive. We found it completely fitting to give the Franklin pedestal said name. The Franklin boasts both curves on top and bottom and edges to complete the squared off, wrap-around middle portion. It is as bold as it is delicate. To us, it looks like it could whether a storm, yet do it graciously. This reason makes it versatile to fitting in a slew of differently-styled rooms. Because of all this, there really was no other choice than to name this pedestal “Franklin.”




One of our more loyal customers has come to us now more than a handful of times and together we have brainstormed ideas for her specific needs and overall room space. An idea that really stuck out to us was taking our single post pedestal that she liked and making it a little more intricate. This lead to our pedestal known as the Tamara. The Tamara has a softer edge to its feet because of its curved areas. The legs are also sized down in comparison to the single post pedestal’s typical bigger, “block” shape. Fun fact: the Tamara also influenced the design of our other pedestal, the Thomas! You can stop by our showroom or take a look at our Current Inventory to compare both.

Finishing Touches    

Our pedestals are considered family. Just like family, one is not considered ‘better’ than the other. We put a lot of time, love, and care into making each one exclusively for our customer’s homes in hopes that, they too, treat them like one of their own. We know each pedestal design deserves a name and a home. As we grow, so do our number of options for pedestals. Make sure to keep a look out for future designs on our Table Collections page. We may come up with a base that relates to you.


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