We offer three different kinds of leaves: perimeter, drop-in, and standard extensions. Each offer different solutions depending on the desired look and style. The three variations are broken down as sizing and pricing will vary. Typically leaf and table sizes are based on allowing 24 inches per person.

*Prices listed are for standard top thickness and does not include price increase for thick or extra thick tops.

Standard Leaf – 12″
$753 for 2

For a pedestal base table, two leaves adds seating for 1 person per side.

Medium Leaf – 18″
$823 for 2

For a pedestal base table, two leaves will add enough seating space for 2-4 additional people depending on the table size to start.

Large Leaf – 24″
$894 for 2

For a pedestal base table, two leaves add seating for an additional 4 people.

*If wanting to add a leaf to a standard 4-leg table, the best solution is to add 1-24″ leaf to one end, allowing enough space to add 2 people while preventing the need to maneuver around table legs.

Perimeter Leaf

This is a new design we’ve created to allow round tables to be expanded while maintaining their shape. Additional seating will vary depending on leaf sizes. Pricing will depend on leaf size, wood species, and a few other details. *Inquire for specific pricing.

Drop-In Leaf

Standard to your typical drop-in leaf, however, we usually only utilize this design to be used for round tables. Keep in mind that there will always be a seam with or without the leaves. Additional seating will vary depending on leaf size. Price is also subject to change with leaf size, wood species, etc. *Inquire for specific pricing.

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