What kind of wood do you use to build your tables?

We typically use hickory or ash for our tables. They are some of the hardest domestic wood species available. They also bring a level of character to the table and have a gorgeous look. We also have experience using walnut for our tables. Walnut is a slightly softer wood, but is still absolutely beautiful in its natural unstained state. That being said, please don’t ask us to stain walnut! Certain pieces of furniture may call for a specific type of wood, so we will work with any wood species. Over the years, we’ve built custom wood furniture using oak, cherry, maple, and even exotic woods. Just tell us the type of wood you’d like to use and we can bring your vision to life! Or, if you have no idea what kind of wood you’d like to use, we can offer our expertise and choose the best option for the piece of furniture you have in mind.


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