Base of Table

There are many options for the base of your table. These range from our four-leg design in the corners, to pedestal bases under the table. Take a look at our collection below.

Pedestal Design

Bases under the table, typically one per side, is what we consider our pedestal design tables. The cross brace connecting them is optional and not needed. Most all designs focus on leg/chair room which means they are pushed in from the heads and thinner in the middle for more functional space from the sides.

Pedestal Size and Scale

The pedestal size is typically determined by the length and stature of a table. Longer, larger tables usually require a scaled up pedestal and vice versa with small tables. See below for examples, from smaller to larger.

Belly Pedestal

Anchor Pedestal

Franklin Pedestal

Crescent Pedestal

Heavy Pedestal Option

This example is the Heavy Anchor. To start, the anchor pedestal itself is larger than normal. We then add our thick top and pull the apron close to the table’s edge. Overall, this creates a heavier/bulkier designed table. This can be applied to most any pedestal styles we offer and be done in the other direction to create a thinner/lighter look.

Pedestal Cracks Vs. No Cracks

Below shows you yet another option for the majority of our pedestals. We can make them with or without cracks. The difference is, the pedestal WITH cracks is a tree log/timber that is sawn into a block and carved to shape. The pedestal WITHOUT cracks, we take the boards we use for the tops and glue them up. Essentially making a block of wood again, but the grain is oriented in roughly the same direction, preventing cracking as the wood expands and contracts. Both are structurally sound options; it just comes down to personal preference. The pedestal WITH cracks can develop more over time. Pedestal styles this can be done in are: the Belly, Anchor, Franklin, and Tuscan (not all pictured).

Round Table Options

Pedestals on round tables usually only require one pedestal in the middle. On many designs you can select a round base at the floor or 4 legs/feet. See below.

Four-Leg Design

Our four-leg tables are with legs in the corners, such as flush with the top, angled, turned, tapered, and square legs. Take a look at the examples.

Leg Size

Dependent on preference and scale, we offer numerous leg sizes. As shown below the leg thickness can impact the visual weight of a table. The sizes can be from anywhere from 3-5 inches. Pictured below is an example of a few of our different leg sizes.


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