Thanksgiving Week Prep!

These next few days typically involve last minute preparation for the big Thanksgiving meal! Not to mention putting table leaves to work for their thrice yearly appearance. Because of this, we wanted to send you a few quick reminders on how to safely use your table, leaves, and chairs and throw a bit of inspiration your way!

Overhead shot of Thanksgiving decorated table.

Table Care

Likely you’ve heard us say this more than once, but we truly build our tables with the intent they will last for generations. Our tables are built with the primary focus of durability, but all things have a limit. Because the holidays are a busy and hectic time of year, here’s a quick reminder:

  • Watch out for heat. We highly discourage taking your turkey directly from the oven and putting it on your table with no protection. Use a hot pad.
  • Avoid excessive chemical use, and don’t let it sit. If left on the table or used in excess, the chemicals will find a microscopic route around the finish and into the woodgrain. Wipe it up.
  • Scratching and scuffing of the surface are probably the biggest issue. Keep an eye out for chipped dishes/plates, dirt, dust, unfinished surfaces, and grime under items. Avoid dragging objects and be sure to check what’s underneath.
  • When cleaning your table, most household cleaners are sufficient, such as: 409, Mr. Clean, soap & water, water & vinegar, etc. What you MUST absolutely avoid is using scrubbing pads and Magic Erasers. These act as sandpaper and will result in a very solemn and uncomfortable Thanksgiving for the poor soul who used them.
  • Most all our fabric chairs are covered in Performance Fabric which is designed to be stain and spill resistant. You don’t need to panic and start covering your fabric chairs with towels, just simply use common sense.

*The takeaway: common sense. Relax, enjoy your company, but be smart.*

Install How-To for Standard & Perimeter Leaves

For all tables built with leaves, there will be a holster with shims attached under the table. Tables built with an apron will have plugs that will need to be pulled out before leaves are installed.

*For drop-in leaves, simply unlock the latch located underneath the table, pull the table apart, line up the plugs with holes in the table’s edge, and then push back together. If there is more than one leaf, keep in mind, the order of the leaves are listed either as 1, 2, 3 or a, b, c. Leaf placement is interchangeable; however, it’s best to follow the sequence as that is how the table was made.


Just for Fun: Centerpieces

The use of a tablecloth is not vital as we like our customers to show off their beautiful pieces, but table runners and placemats never hurt anybody! They can be a great way to compliment and add texture to a table’s centerpiece, not to mention adding some degree of protection. You don’t NEED them, but they do cut down on exposed space for accidents to happen! Here are some REF tables decked out with fall and Thanksgiving décor for a little inspiration.


As of now, that’s all we have for you.

We hope you have the very best Thanksgiving filled with football, food, and family!

*Click here for a more in-depth care guide*

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