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We ship cross country! A little-known fact about our company. The occasional Facebook post just is not cutting it anymore, not to mention the difficulty of fitting all the information about our shipping and delivery options in one post. Not possible. We’ve decided to write a quick blog, throwing all the information at you about our delivery and pickup options and how the process works with us.Table we sent using our shipping and delivery options. We offer more than one shipping/delivery option: economical delivery, traditional white glove delivery, in-house delivery, and pickup. Keep reading to find out more!

Out-of-State Shipping

We have an established relationship with a few different white glove services that will essentially ship anywhere in the country. Depending on your geographic location, we offer two different kinds of out-of-state shipping. See below.

Economical Shipping: We are based near Chicago, IL. This would be most practical for states closest to us and those who are out of our in-house shipping radius. This is a service offering a 1-man crew. Customers will need to have aid on their end to unload the furniture. Shippers can assist in assembly and furniture placement. When your furniture is complete we will send an e-mail informing you along with any other necessary details. From that point, the shipper will get in contact with you regarding delivery dates. Pricing with vary with location and furniture load.

Premium White Glove Shipping: This option is for any location but is the most practical for long distance. This can be a totally hands-off process depending on the need. For an additional cost, the shippers will do all unloading, lifting, and assembly. In addition, insurance can be purchased. Our tables are not light, so, to make the process more efficient and safe the top and bases are shipped separately. At the time of delivery, the top and bases will need to be secured. When your furniture is ready for delivery we will send you an e-mail. From that point forward the shipper will contact you to schedule delivery. Again, prices will vary depending on location and delivery size.

In-House Shipping

We offer our own local delivery services. Typically starting at $250-$350 for our white glove service. This means a completely hands-off process for you. We deliver one day a week, on Saturdays, usually from an 8am-5pm window. All furniture will be brought to the spot requested. If needed, felt pads are installed upon setup. Again, keep in mind, our tables are not light so we encourage customers to go with the delivery option.


You are more than welcome to pick up your order if you choose to! Just be prepared for some heavy lifting! You will receive an e-mail letting you know when your order is done and ready for pickup. Pickup is available Tuesday through Saturday from 7am-2pm. We will help wrap and load your furniture. We require customers to bring their own blankets, straps, etc. when picking up their furniture. As we’ve said we’ll help you load your order, but you’ll need to find your own assistance when unloading.Table we sent using our shipping and delivery options.

We like to have our bases covered and make the information finding process simple and easy. Tell your friends, neighbors, family members, or whomever! The goal: to make our quality, custom furniture readily available.

If there are any questions left unanswered feel free to contact us or if you live outside of Illinois and are interested in building a table with us, please contact us and we can quote you a price based on your location. For answers to commonly asked questions check out our FAQs.

Unsure what size and shape will work best for you? Check out our rectangular, square, and round tables blog.

Until next time!

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