Our Eco-Friendly Furniture Shop

Over the years the importance of being eco-friendly has greatly increased and for good reason. As a shop that uses natural products on a daily basis, we’ve taken many strides to ensure we do our part and be as resourceful and eco-friendly as possible. Your initial thought may be how can a wood shop achieve this while maintaining success. There are many ways that make this goal possible. If we’ve gotten you curious, read on to find out what steps we take to consider ourselves an eco-friendly furniture shop.

Heirloom Furniture Means What for Our Environment?

First and perhaps most important, is that we consider our pieces heirlooms. If you’ve browsed around our site you’ll know that our goal in crafting our tables is to make a product that is long lasting and durable. In order to build a product that fulfills both of these requirements, along with a few other tactics, using solid wood is a non-negotiable.Foggy Forest To learn more about what solid woods we use and why, click here. We take special care to use the best wood species, stains, and building methods to guarantee tables that will last. Our tables are built with the expectation that they will be passed down to later generations. How this relates to being eco-friendly is this: purchase a table from a large retailer, you’ll likely need to replace your table roughly five years later or several times within your lifespan. Craft a custom table with us, you’ve made an investment in a piece of furniture that is quality enough to be an heirloom. This brings us back to the point, big retailer means more tables and wood used in your lifetime to replace damaged and weak furniture. While with us, one table purchase gives you many generations of use and less wood cycled through.

Biodegradable, In-House, and Eco-Friendly Methods

Continuing on, a few additional methods we use to conserve resources while building is our in-house woodwork. We don’t outsource parts for our tables, but rather each piece is specifically made for every table, by hand.Eco-Friendly Walnut Slab Coffee Table-Rustic Elements Furniture In addition to our in-house work, we save and reuse wood scraps wherever possible to prevent waste. This could be for small projects, new ideas, or for an example, after a recent renovation we repurposed old wood scraps to update our upstairs flooring. As a result, we’ve got unique flooring that makes for a great conversation piece while remaining environmentally aware. While we’re on the topic of wood and being eco-friendly, when it comes down to it, our tables are fully biodegradable. The pro to this is we use a natural product that can be put back into the earth.

Saturdays are our days to deliver freshly built tables to their new homes. A day that many, if not all our customers count down to. We are a small team and thus save our deliveries for a once weekly occurrence. This allows us the proper planning and production time as well as promotes our efficiency. Each week we plot out the most efficient route from point A to B. This method conserves in more ways than one.

New and Improved

Recently we’ve made several improvements to our shop. For relevance sake, we will only discuss a few, but if you’d like to learn what all these changes include, click here. To start, we’ve replaceWoodgraind all of our standard lighting with LED lighting. LED is known for being an economical choice due to their long life, along with many other perks. On top of that, our climate controlled building keeps our wood supplies in optimal conditions. Our shop is heavily insulated which means less energy used to heat and cool. This being yet another way we continue to be an eco-friendly furniture shop.

We revere and enjoy our craft but still see that we have a duty to remain resourceful and aware of our environment. As a result, we’ve made and will continue to make the changes and advancements to contribute and promote environmental stability.

If you’d like to learn more about our team and why we do what we do, check out our About page. Curious what other customers have to say about our work, we’ve got a Testimonials page that says it all!

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