How To Care for Your Wood Furniture

At Rustic Elements Furniture, we pride ourselves on building only the highest quality wood furniture. Each of our custom pieces are built locally at our shop in Joliet, Illinois.

We coat our furniture in a very durable finish that repels water, food, and most common household chemicals. Our tables will not be damaged or affected by wine, bleach, nail polish, or other spills, and they do not dent. Most substances should wipe up very easily without penetrating the wood or causing any damage. You typically don’t need to use coasters on our tables.

For the first 30 days that you have your table, please be gentle with it. New coating is more susceptible to scratches and damage from chemicals. Avoid sliding things across your table and be sure to use cleaning products that aren’t too harsh.

We want you to be happy with your furniture and we want to ensure it lasts for years to come, so we thought we’d give you some helpful tips for caring for and cleaning your custom wood furniture.

To clean your table:
  • Use all-purpose cleaners and soapy water
  • If you wish to simply dust your table, Pledge or a similar wood polish is recommended
  • Be sure to use a soft cloth to avoid scratching
  • Wood polish, paste or conditioner helps prevent minor scratches in the finish, and also helps to conceal any existing ones
  • Excessive heat
  • Moisture
  • Harsh chemicals and cleaning products
  • Harsh cloths
  • Sliding things across your table
  • Getting your table soaking wet, as water causes swelling, warping, and/or staining when it penetrates a finish

Some sap, especially on thicker soft wood legs or bellies, is common at times and can easily be cleaned up with dish detergent or mineral spirits.

If you see some slight cracks on your Belly Pedestal, don’t be alarmed. Our Belly Pedestal tables are carved from a soft wood timber that always has cracks on one or all sides, and it’s common for some to develop over time. We expect this to happen and believe that it adds character to the table.

If your table is damaged or scratched, here are a few touch up solutions:
  • Paste Wax – This adds a thin temporary layer of protection to your table. It works the same way that a coat of wax on your car does. It also does a nice job of concealing minor scratches.
  • Wax Sticks – Similar to crayons, these are thick hard sticks of wax that come in several different colors. These work best on deeper gouges and chips, as they do a nice job filling the void and blending in with the rest of the table. They also provide good protection to your table.
  • Hire a Pro – If you have a scratch or chip that you don’t think can be fixed with the products listed above, we recommend contacting a professional. There are businesses and individuals who specialize in furniture touch ups and do an amazing job. They use stains, toners, wax sticks, and various sealers and finishes to blend and repair damage. Many of the products they use can be purchased from Mohawk Finishing. If you’re feeling up to the task, DIYers can also purchase these products.

If you have more questions about our custom tables and other types of wood furniture, please visit our FAQ. If you’re interested in buying a piece of furniture that is already built, visit our current inventory to browse the pieces we currently have in our shop.

For more information on our handmade furniture, contact Rustic Elements Furniture today!

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