Furnishing Naperville with Custom, Handcrafted Tables

Just a stone’s throw from our shop in Joliet is the city of Naperville. The western suburb of Chicago is home to many attractions such as Naper Settlement, the hustle and bustle of their downtown, and the DuPage Children’s Museum. More notably for us, has been the influx of customers living in Naperville that we have gained from families on the hunt for solid hardwood, custom tables. Between the short ride down Route 59 to see our work firsthand and with many of our pieces already in neighbor’s homes, we are ecstatic to have a prominent growing customer base in Naperville. Although each customer’s table is as unique as them, there is also a trend to our Naperville clients; the timeless pedestal designs, characterized hardwood and distinguishable size. Continue reading as we touch on some specific tables we crafted for homes in the Naperville area.

Clean Crescent

We were given a specific task when it came to this ten-foot, magnificent Crescent pedestal table: keep it clean. We followed through with this request by adding no distress marks, perfecting the straight edge and making the corners sharply pointed. Our customers chose our Crescent pedestal for a base which, in itself, is a sleek mix of curves and solid features. The complete package was crafted from solid ash which paired well with the Charcoal stain all over. Adding the custom table and chairs to this room was the icing on top of the beautifully bold cake.

Rustic Belly

Our ever-popular Belly pedestal was a hit for this Naperville home. Given some all-around scuffing and plenty of distressing while being a hint of formal, the overall look of the custom table was made with the same aesthetic properties as the dining room. The handmade chairs follow suit as well, with the head upholstered chairs in a neutral color, elegant tufting and shining nail heads. The hardwood side chairs tell a different story, however, being a solid black and scuffed. The combination is, again, a good representation of the room’s design.

Walnut Wonder

Perhaps walnut is easily recognized for its natural beauty and eye-catching warm shades of brown and gold. This Naperville family took advantage of the hardwood and designed a custom Anchor pedestal table, spanning 86 inches in length and crafted from solid walnut. Like the two previous creations, this piece was built with its permanent surroundings kept in mind. By disregarding a stain over the table (and even the chairs), the walnut can properly show off its characteristics alongside this similarly-styled room. A wood lover’s dream!

American Made

Just like our customers in Naperville, and all around the Chicagoland area, we can craft custom tables that best suit your own space. We also ship nationwide! The best place to start is to peruse our website and get an idea of what we can build for you. From there, it is crucial to evaluate the space you are looking to furnish. We advise getting a good sense of your future table’s size by laying down different items to mimic furniture. Once a comfortable flow is formed, make note and keep that information in mind, along with the style you are going after. From Joliet to Naperville to Chicago, we are very grateful to be expanding our roots and helping families like the ones above furnish their space with handcrafted, custom tables.

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