Form vs Function: True Custom Furniture

Beginning Stages

When it comes to table design, or furniture for that matter, many people forget that they can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.  Both functionality and design do not have to be compromised, but to perfect the pieces, it may take some brainstorming.  We recently delivered a table that after some adjustments, proves all of the above.  To gain perspective on how we work with our clients to make their custom furniture and acquire that perfect balance, let’s walk through it.

One thing we pride ourselves on is truly creating a table that will last over time.  Therefore, to start, we always consider the build and structure of our tables while bearing in mind our client’s vision.  As pictured below, this image was the original idea the client sent.  Though this is unique in design, there were some concerns.  Those being its disproportionate design, thus lacking stability and resulting in a table that is easily tipped over.

This is where our next image comes in to play.  We came up with this sketch to create a more secure structure, but also keep with the preferred octagon base.  To add, the platform base reinforces for a more dependable and balanced composition.  However, as you can see, it created a heavier base that not necessarily had the look the client intended.

After the client viewed the previous sketch we made some additional adjustments.  While maintaining the octagon feel, reinserting the tapered base look, all while generating a solid build was the goal.  The image below better added all the elements the client hoped for.

The tapered pedestal was a go!  The only minor adjustment left was the base.  As shown in the final sketch we found the perfect balance to all the desired elements.  In completing our goal, we did not trade-off form or function.  The round base produces the extra stability and the tapered leg is not only unique, but gives additional leg room.  Thus, combining form and function.

Finishing Touches

Details such as stain, finish, and distress are the finishing touches to this well designed table.  This 56″ round table has a thick top that continues the balanced look.  To give it a clean feel we decided to go with no distress and all clean edges.  With three children, our client wanted a table that would be able to withstand harsh use.  Thus, we used all solid American Ash.  Ash is a tough wood species with a more prominent grain, helping hide dents and wear over time.  To add the finishing touches to the table the final step is stain and top coat.  We replicated a stain sample sent our way and doubled the coats of finish to partially fill the grain.  This was done to refine the surface and give a more glass like feel, while retaining some texture from the wood. To see the finished product, see the pictures below!

This is just a glimpse of the process we go through to find an aesthetically pleasing design and a table that will be durable, strong, and exude the client’s mental photograph.

Interested in seeing more of our work? Explore our table collections to browse examples of the different types of tables we’ve built in the past. For more information on the various table customization options available to you, view our Table Options page.

If you’re interested in building a piece of custom furniture with us, contact Rustic Elements Furniture today!  We’d be more than happy to speak with you about your next custom furniture project.

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