Don’t Miss Our Thanksgiving Deadline!

For our custom furniture, we typically budget 14 weeks for turnaround time. With that being said, we are nearing the cut-off date for orders with guaranteed delivery before Thanksgiving! This time around, August 17th is the day to remember. What that means is from now until August 17th, if your pre-planning Thanksgiving activities include refreshing your space, it is highly suggested to stop by or reach out to us so you do not miss that deadline. Something to note is that fourteen weeks isn’t completely set in stone. Often times, we have found ourselves ahead of schedule, which means the chance of placing an order after August 17th and having it delivered before Thanksgiving is still there. Depending on certain factors and where we are with orders, the option to expedite is also a possibility. Despite this, however, it is best to plan ahead as there are variables when it comes to custom work. A great place to also start is our Build Table Options page. Once there, you can see the breakdown of what is needed to create your own Rustic Elements’ piece. We also have a really great collection of different tables on our showroom floor that you can browse here and can go home with you in time for your get together. Continue reading as we discuss why the holiday season is as good of time as any to introduce custom furniture into your home.

Custom furniture really gets its time to shine during holidays. With the influx of family and friends making their way to the dining room or kitchen for Thanksgiving dinner, a sized-to-your-space table or additional, handcrafted chairs can make a world of difference. Instead of that dusty, old card table looming in the corner, imagine its replacement of two 24” hardwood leaves attached on the table’s ends, secure enough to hold even the heftiest of turkeys. If your kin-size is more on the smaller side, or if extra dining space for guests is just not needed, a luxurious custom buffet can add style and function to your home. Plenty of increased storage means crafty ways to hide any unused dinnerware or décor that didn’t make the design cut.

We know firsthand the importance of durability when it comes to building custom tables. This is why we strictly work with solid hardwoods, metal and a finish that stands up to everyday use. We get it, tables are going to be put through the wringer during the holiday season, let alone every other day of the year. Seen as the workbench of the home, tables do double time come Thanksgiving and Christmas. Rest assured, every Rustic Elements’ table is expertly crafted to take the abuse and wear that kids, cups of hot chocolate, casserole pans, etc. give to them. There is no doubt our tables are resilient, however, if you are contemplating putting vases full of floral arrangements, unfinished décor or glassware on your table, check the bottoms for cracks or scratching particles. Those are the real culprits of nicks and unsightly table gouges. Be very mindful of said vases though (and really anything that can cause a spill); make sure to wipe up any liquid left behind and not let it sit overnight. With years under our belts of creating tables our customers once wish existed, we are constantly evolving to put out the best of the best, however, tables are not completely indestructible. Using caution and common sense will help the lifespan of your furniture.

So, you have a new Rustic Elements’ piece in your home. Now what? Decorate! ‘Tis the season to really show off your festive side. Don’t be afraid to roll out the runners and go all out with an HGTV-worthy tablescape. Candles are always a holiday staple, as are figurines, wreaths and bows. Need some visual #inspiration? Hop over to our Pinterest where we have browsed through many different pictures and selected some of our favorite designs. Be sure to snap a few of your own pictures once complete! You never know, your own decorated table could end up on our Facebook page and be an inspiration to one of our 6,000+ fans. Have a great holiday season!

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