Do Oval Tables Fit Your Needs?

Oval tables are a common consideration of clients in search of their perfect custom-made table. We recently touched on the pros and cons of owning rectangular, round, and square tables. It should come as no surprise that today we will be offering insight on the oval table. Our handmade tables are Dark stain oval tables with fabric chairssomething we pride ourselves in crafting in hopes that our customers have pride in showing off. Whichever size fits your needs best, it is in an overall agreeance that a table is more than a piece of furniture; it brings together families and friends, shows off style and flair, and holds memories for years to come. As previously stated, the overall general rule of thumb to follow when choosing your new table are:

  • Allow a minimum of 30-36 inches for wall and furniture clearance
  • High traffic areas, if possible allow 48-60 inches for clearance
  • Factor 24 inches per person to allow for elbow room

Upside of Oval Tables

Possibly the first place to start when designing a custom table is identifying and working with the size of the space of the room said table will be in. The oval’s curved edges make it a popular choice for customers looking to keep the overall feeling of the room light and airy. When an oval table is placed in an area that is tighter and restricted, there is a noticeably easier flow of movement in comparison to same size rooms with rectangular or square tables. The oval shape Solid walnut, oval tables with matching benchgives off a much softer aesthetic. Ovals offer a casual vibe while still being a traditional choice. It follows the profile of the area even with many different shapes and sizes to choose from. People sitting around an oval table usually have no problem talking to those next to them as well as across from them. Also, since there are virtually no sharp edges on the oval, there is less of a point of injury for little ones.

Downside of Oval Tables

Style-wise, oval-sized tablecloths in standard colors are far and few between. An oval table owner may turn up empty-handed when out shopping for something to cover their table in a traditional look. Staying on the topic of style, multiple centerpieces are usually used to elongate the look of an oval table, as opposed to a round table which typically will have one main centerpiece as the focus. With oval tables, since they lose the corners of their rectangular and square counterparts, there tends to be less accommodating space for seated guests. Oval tables aren’t usually categorized as “formal.” Therefore, if you are looking to host very important guests around your table, a safe bet is the rectangular or square shape.

Finishing Touches

Whitewashed oval tables with a built-in bench.

An oval table can offer so much to an empty room. Its versatility yet structured design gives you the best of both worlds. If you’d like some comparison of oval tables to round, rectangular, and square designs, click on the links provided. Being in the market for a custom-made oval table can tend to be a little overwhelming. Let us help! Take a look around our website or stop in and see us at our showroom. We will be more than happy to bring this article to life and show you what an oval table can accomplish in your home.

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