Design Trends of 2020!

Each year brings new design trends. Some go out of style and are discarded while others morph over a span of years. As furniture builders we make it a priority to stay with the times, if not remain slightly ahead. Because of this, we’re giving our two cents on the design trends we see while working with our clients.

Flush Leg in a gray stain - design trends

Formal dining seems to be on its way out. People are combining their kitchen and dining rooms to utilize the space for other purposes. As a result, many choose to go for a practical kitchen with a hint of formality, such as mixing fabric and wood chairs. (Speaking of which, performance fabrics have changed the game and hushed the age-old fear of “single-use” fabrics. Click to read more!) Popular kitchen finishes include white quartz counters and white backsplashes mixed with lighter, more neutral wall colors. For a pop of color, earth tones like chocolate brown, wine, olive green, and yellow ochre are this year’s go- to.

In recent months our table builds have seen a heavier influence of natural finishes, meaning a clear top coat and no stain color or the lightest touch of color so that the natural grain pops through. We’ve seen a higher demand for our Flush Leg tables with a natural finish as the styles pair well together. To top off the natural design and finish, clients are asking for a flat top coat versus a satin. The flat finish is self-explanatory as it lacks the sheen or shine that satin carries. The design trend of natural wood, such as walnut, brings a softness to a space while allowing contrast, color, and texture to be implemented in other areas of the design. Implementing these pops of contrast could mean pairing natural tops with blue metal bases, bold wall colors, or stark black cabinets. Traditional browns and grays are still in high demand, and our stain color, Prado, that has lasted the test of time, remains one of our most popular to date. This is largely due to its design flexibility.

We’ve found that table sets, including chairs, benches, and buffets, have been a great pairing for our clients as they can easily design a full set all in one place. The possibilities in design are endless. It never gets old discovering what design trends each new year brings!

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