Design Your Table in Time for Christmas!

custom table for christmas

Tis the Season

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . . at least it will soon enough! Christmas season is known as a time to gather around with family and friends, relax and celebrate. It is also known as a time of yummy, delicious, savory meals and desserts around a beautifully dressed table. This is where we come in. Been planning on updating your dining room or kitchen table? Now is as good a time as any!

As we all know, time flies by, which is why we’ve started our Christmas countdown! Our production time is about 14 weeks out. If you do the math that doesn’t leave a ton of time between now and when your order needs to be placed. Our cut-off date in order to guarantee delivery before Christmas is September 16th. To help put that in to perspective, you have about 25 days to place an order for that new statement piece that will be the talk of the party!

What You Need to Know

Want to start browsing what we offer? Explore our table collections to view different examples of the various types of tables we’ve previously built. Your table design limitations are few. Hoping to create something a little different than our standard designs? We also custom design tables with you! To get information on the table customization options available to you, view our table options page. For a more immediate purchase, check out our current inventory.

Interested in building custom furniture with us in time for Christmas? Contact Rustic Elements Furniture today by filling out the form below! We’d love to be a part of your holiday celebrations by creating your dream table!

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