Custom One of a Kind Tables

Occasionally, we like to show off our custom one of a kind tables. These are designs that our clients create and we bring to life. Some of our favorite past projects have been from client ideas. It brings a new aspect of collaboration and puts our already talented team to the test. If we’ve got you curious, check out some of our past custom one of a kind tables. In the meantime, here’s how we went about designing our latest table collaboration.custom one of a kind 3-leg base unfinished

Custom One of a Kind Tables: Design Request

To start, these clients came to us liking the design of our standard double x-base design which is built with four legs. However, they wanted to add a spin. Only three legs. Sounds simple right? Not so. To ensure a sturdy, long lasting design, the goal was to forego the use of glue. Though providing support, glue does not supply the necessary level of reinforcement. Thus, we designed a table base excluding the use of glue while using only one bolt to secure the entire base. Continue on to find out how.

Custom One of a Kind Tables: Design Plan

The first picture shows the pieces prepared for the base (see gallery below). What you see are the three legs. Since our double x-bases, for round tables, are built with four legs, we typically notch and lap two legs. Having only three legs and to avoid using glue, we notched and lapped only one set of legs. The second pictures shows this. Next comes figuring out the part of how to flawlessly add a third leg while remaining structurally sound. With the two x- leg done (picture #3), it was time to add the third leg. Installing and encasing a metal bracket on the top, we created a chaseway which allows a rod through all three pieces to tighten and secure the legs. See pictures 4, 5, and 6. The two half-sized pieces in the first picture were then squeezed tight, pulling all three pieces snugly together.

As always, our guys gave the base a bit of a “bounce” test to guarantee a safe and durable table base. Any of the arms will hold 250lbs. In addition to a well thought out build, as we always do, we used a hardwood species. This time, this custom one of a kind table was made from walnut, finished in our flat top coat. Check out the final product before and after finishing!

custom one of a kind walnut base finished in flat

Design Extras

What makes this design very unique is its limited build size. This specific design was built based on 90 degrees. Because of that, only certain sizes will work. Those being a range from 60”-70” for a base. To give you a bit of a reference, our standard bases are usually scaled to allow a build range of 20”-96” for the base. If this three leg x-base were to be made larger or smaller, the entire look of the piece would change.

If you’re interested in designing a custom one of a kind table, feel free to contact us! We can tweak previously made designs or start from scratch. Curious how the process with us works, we’ve answered our most commonly asked questions in our FAQs!

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