Christmas, be Prepared!

We’ll keep this short and sweet. As I’m sure you’ve likely gathered by now, we have deadlines for when orders need to be placed for furniture to arrive prior to the holidays. Our Thanksgiving order deadline has come and gone. Thus, begins our Christmas countdown! Likely this may seem premature, but as it happens every year, Christmas tends to sneak up. The goal in this post is to leave you with the essential details, dates, and throw a bit of holiday decor inspiration your way!

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Christmas deadlines

As you know, all our pieces are handcrafted which takes planning and time. Production time is roughly 14 weeks for all our pieces. If you’re hoping to have all your furniture delivered in time, BEFORE Christmas, then all orders MUST be placed BY September 14th. We’ve noticed over the years we get a rush of folks wanting their new furnishings in place by the holidays. Therefore, in order to do our best to work towards this goal with you, we’re posting as many reminders as we can.


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*If for some reason you miss the cut-off, we MAY be able to expedite table production for an extra cost, but this could be a limited option depending on our workload.*

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Christmas Decor

For many, the time of year where Christmas decorations, trees, linens, and wreaths are brought out is exciting. The house smells gloriously of pine, greenery, and cinnamon. While you’re imagining the smells and drumming up ideas for Christmas decorations, keep reading to find out the trends of 2019! We’ll help you prepare for the holiday season and throw a few quick tips and ideas your way! There’s no better time than now to begin your preparations to ensure you’ve got the layout you’ve always dreamed of. Keep scrolling for some inspiration!


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The overall design direction for Christmas 2019 is a, “less is more” feel mixed with a natural influence. Research shows that blues, grays, and greens will be the primary influence with metal accents.

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As seen, pine cones, twigs, and bark-like textures have made their comeback. When it comes to table runners, napkins, and linens, look out for dotted, lined, and herringbone patterns. They are this years go to! 

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Join in On the Christmas Fun!

Send photos our way! When you’ve got your Rustic Elements table all done up, send us some snaps! We love to see our products being used in your homes! Here’s a few decorated for Christmas from previous years! Use #RusticElementsFurniture to tag us on social media!

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