Buying a Table? Here Are the Dimensions You Need to Know

Shopping for a new table doesn’t have to be a complicated process. If you start the search with a clear idea of the style, shape, and size you want, and know all of your key dimensions, the process can actually be quite easy.

The first thing to determine is the purpose you want your table to serve. Do you want it for simple everyday meals for just your immediate family, or are you interested in hosting large dinner parties on a regular basis? Knowing how many people you need to seat is the first place to start when thinking about the dimensions of your space and future table.

The shape of your room can also determine the table shape you can get. For example, a rectangular or oval table works best in a rectangular space.

It’s also important to measure the entranceway of your home, including the height, length, and width of your door. Be sure to measure your hallways and the entrance to your kitchen or dining room as well, so you can be sure your table will fit in your home.

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Remember to measure the:

  • Room width
  • Room length
  • Table size (W x L x H)
  • Chair size
Things  to keep in mind when searching for a dining table:
  • You need a minimum of 36 inches between the edge of the table and the wall to allow for comfortable seating and enough space to push back from the table and move around the room. We recommend 42 to 48 inches for maximum comfort.
  • Be realistic about what your room can fit. You may want to seat 10-12, but your room may be too small for anything bigger than a 4-6 seater. Each guest should have a minimum of 24 inches of table space, but 30 inches is recommended.
  • The typical dining chair is 18 inches high, and we recommend giving guests 12 inches between their seat and the tabletop.
  • Remember that we can build our tables with leaves to allow for a temporarily larger table that won’t take up too room space day to day.
  • A pedestal base table allows for more legroom for guests.
How many people will my table fit?


60” – 4-6 people

72” – 6-8 people

84” – 8 people

96” – 8-10 people

108” – 10 people

120” – 10-12 people


40” – 4 people

50” – 4-5 people

60” – 6-8 people

72” – 8-10 people

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