Amish Builders: Why We Love ‘Em

From day one, our mantra has been to produce and deliver top-of-the-line tables and benches that will last. In fact, we put so much time and energy into these custom pieces that we have made a science out of the process. Our eagle-eye focus means other furniture such as buffets, hutches, chairs, etc. wouldn’t get adequate enough attention if left for us to build. As such, we have teamed up with a few select builders who specialize in their craft. In this case, we have chosen a few talented Amish shops. They are undoubtedly known for their unique creations, made right in America. We knew working with them would make the most sense as their belief in creating only solid hardwood, heirloom-quality work aligns with our beliefs.

Amish similarities and Differences

Rustic Elements Table and F&N Custom (Amish) Fabric Chairs

Custom F&N Upholstered Chairs

Needless to say, after trying our hand at making furniture other than tables, it didn’t take long to realize that was not our forte. This had everything to do with build efficiency, or lack thereof. The main reason is our equipment. As a whole, the equipment we use WOULD work for other furniture makers; however, the takeaway, is that our machinery would be overkill.  For some reference, our equipment ranges from a heavy-duty, straight-line saw that can handle thick, long boards, a custom-built clamping machine designed for our over-sized tops, an 8,000 lb. sander that can handle wide and heavy tops, and even special equipment for carving our sizable pedestals. On the other hand, Amish builders use different equipment that focuses more on profiling trim and doors, machines for making dovetail boxes intended to secure drawers, steam bending machines to achieve the arch in chairs, and even something as crazy specific as a tool used to install nailheads on fabric chairs. When comparing our work, neither the Amish or our shop has the “proper” or “ideal “ equipment to mimic each other’s work. As a result, we’ve learned our strengths and play to them.

Amish Custom Built Buffet

Custom Built Buffet for Collectors

Like us, Amish builders use a method where each “part” of the build process is given to a “pro” or specific craftsman. Between our pedestal builders, each one has his “specialty” ranging from our many wood to metal pedestals. Gluing, sanding, and planing lands on another craftsman as he knows the exact setting that will allow our sander to run the most efficiently, while our final team member focuses on the finish. Each of our guys know the different quirks of our machines and has learned not only to work with these oddities, but also use them to their advantage.

Rustic Elements Table with Custom (Amish) Hutch

Townline Hutch with REF Table

Similar to our tables, Amish pieces are customizable. You can change/choose wood species, layout, stain, hardware, even glass vs. wood shelves, chair fabric, nail heads, and the list goes on. There is flexibility in having Amish builders finish their furniture or we can finish it here, in-house. What we think is one of the coolest parts of this is that though we are two separate companies, the versatility in our work and theirs allows the completed pieces to look as though they came from the same woodshop. 

Top-Notch Quality

Amish furniture makers stand by their work. We’ve experienced such a minute amount of “issues,” and any we have come across have been handled professionally. Instead of sending one inferior product after the other, Amish builders do it right the first time and/or own their mistake. On top of that, the builders we work with maintain the age-old standard of Midwestern-sourced hardwood that is kiln-dried, particleboard-free, and chipboard-free. In other words, their product is built to last and made in the U.S. of A!

We’re thankful to have found a few fellow companies who maintain the same goals and standards, day in and day out, as us. It’s a trait we don’t take for granted and value daily! If we’ve piqued your interest enough, check out our website, Instagram, or Facebook as Amish pieces are integrated with our work, often creating a complete kitchen or dining set! Until next time, stay warm!

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