2018 In Review

As we begin 2019, we cannot help but reflect on all that 2018 has brought us. While reminiscing, we were reminded of all the different projects we took on and the collaborations we made with our customers to achieve their dream pieces. Our builds ranged from our most-popular dining tables to bar tops to bookcases. The custom furniture traveled near and far to get to their permanent homes where our customers anticipated their arrivals. Every Rustic Elements Furniture piece is handmade and special, but we wanted to create this blog as a “round-up” of some furniture that stuck out to us throughout the year. The following are handcrafted, one-of-a-kind designs that pushed us to flex our creative muscles and broaden our design spectrum. We chose one delivery per month to recognize. Read on to learn more.

January: Right off the bat, we knew 2018 was going to be heavy-hitting, quite literally. This larger-than-life table measures in at 12 feet long, and with pedestals to proportionally match, it is no doubt a focal point for our customer’s space. Here’s another kicker: the new owners of this massive table also received two 24-inch leaves to add on MORE dining space.

February: On the opposite end of the size range sits this 42-inch round table. Looking just at the top, it is very similar to our previous round table designs, but, when your eyes shift down, you immediately notice the base is unique. The four metal, angled legs are on WOOD wheels! Each wheel comes with a brake to lock the table into a stationary position when not in movement.

March: This hefty Belly pedestal table was actually delivered to another small business! The owner of this grand piece bought it from our showroom floor and set it out for her customers to ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ over.

April: This sophisticated, modern table is a mix of a thick, walnut top that we stained in our Black Espresso and a custom metal base that was powder coated to get that bright chrome color. It is such a unique item that it is also featured on our website’s homepage!

May: Our customer now has plenty of table space to fit family and friends. That’s because her custom table seats FOURTEEN! She wanted the legs to be a certain design so we worked together to source the following for her.

June: This table’s design was a custom, one-off we designed and created for a returning customer! We loved the slanted boards in the middle feeding in to the square base so much that we kept it around and named it the Marks after the same customer.

July: We couldn’t have been more excited to create and deliver this outdoor table. Chicagoland weather is very flighty, so to see our work basking in the sun makes these harsh winters all worth it! Knowing the furniture would be in changing environmental conditions, we used quarter sawn wood and a sealer as two ways to counteract the harsh exposure.

August: Sharp table top corners that come to a point aren’t for every family. Case in point, take a look at this customer’s handmade table. We rounded the top, not only for style, but for less risk of bumps and bruises!

September: Another mix of metal and wood, but this time on a round table! The metal apron wrapped around the table’s top AND the double x base were powder coated in two different stunning gold hues, where the solid ash top was stained in our Silverton Brown color.

October: There is plenty of sectioned room for our customer with their new buffet! This customer needed many drawers for his fossils and we helped obtain their design goal and made sure each drawer was felt lined. Just an extra added touch for their custom work.

November: Walnut looks amazing on more than just tables! The three bar tops seen here were delivered to our customer and promptly installed for use. We typically leave walnut natural and unstained as it has plenty of depth and character on its own.

December: Just as we started 2018, we ended the year with a very large project. This custom bookcase is solid brown maple and staggeringly massive. Luckily, our customer has plenty of space to make it work and catch the eye of their guests. The storage ranges from shelves to drawers hidden behind the doors.


We are so proud to look back at 2018 and see the array of custom furniture that was built exclusively for our customers. We are also excited to expand our work into 2019. With that being said, feel free to get in touch with us with ideas you may have for your own space. You can get inspiration from some of our past builds here or here. If you are more of the no fuss, no wait type, you can always buy right from our showroom floor! Click here to see what’s currently up for grabs. We hope you had a very happy holidays and can’t wait to kick off this year with you!


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