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Custom Table Options

We offer genuine handmade wood tables. These tables are very sturdy and made of solid wood, weighing around 150 lbs and upwards of 500 lbs for the larger ones. Our tables offer stunning stability and make for great conversation pieces, guaranteed! The legs and/or bases are all detachable for easy moving and adjustable to compensate for even the most uneven floors. We offer delivery and assembly within the Chicagoland area and throughout the country. Browse the various customization options below for things to consider when designing your custom table.


When designing and building a custom table, there are a number of decisions that need to be made. View the steps and options below to guide you through the table design process. The images help to illustrate each step:

If you have something unique, let me know! Some of the best designs come from our customers.

We offer three different kinds of leaves: perimeter, drop-in, and standard extensions. Each offer different solutions depending on the desired look and style. The three variations are broken down as sizing and pricing will vary. Typically leaf and table sizes are based on allowing 24 inches per person.

Standard Leaf – 12″
$450 for 2

For a pedestal base table, two leaves adds seating for 1 person per side.

Medium Leaf – 18″
$525 for 2

For a pedestal base table, two leaves will add enough seating space for 2-4 additional people depending on the table size to start.

Large Leaf – 24″
$600 for 2

For a pedestal base table, two leaves add seating for an additional 4 people.

*If wanting to add a leaf to a standard 4-leg table, the best solution is to add 1-24″ leaf to one end, allowing enough space to add 2 people while preventing the need to maneuver around table legs.

Perimeter Leaf

This is a new design we’ve created to allow round tables to be expanded while maintaining their shape. Additional seating will vary depending on leaf sizes. Pricing will depend on leaf size, wood species, and a few other details. *Inquire for specific pricing.

Drop-In Leaf

Standard to your typical drop-in leaf, however, we usually only utilize this design to be used for round tables. Keep in mind that there will always be a seam with or without the leaves. Additional seating will vary depending on leaf size. Price is also subject to change with leaf size, wood species, etc. *Inquire for specific pricing.

The degree of distress allows you to give your table a ‘clean’ or ‘heavily worn’ look, as well as anything in between. 0n a scale of 1-10, 1 is clean with no added distress. We select planks that are cleaner and sand out most imperfections. Given the nature of our wood, you still get some of that rustic feel, but it is minimal. A 10 is very distressed, as if the table was made before machinery was available to refine it. There are plenty of saw marks left in, a lot of dents, nail holes and imperfections, overall giving the look of years and years of use. For a minimal distress you are looking at a 2-3, medium would be 5-6, and heavier is 8-10. Most pictures on the site appear to be a 1-3, as pictures don’t capture the distress very well. Here are some close ups to give you a better idea.

The table can look somewhat smooth with no added distress, or can have a more distinct level of “abuse,” such as the nail holes, dents, saw marks and general age acquired imperfections. This is typically on a 1-10 scale, where 1 is clean and 10 is heavily distressed.

When it comes to the finish and color of your furniture, I would recommend choosing from our past work. Look through the various photo galleries or our Facebook page, and if you find something you like, regardless of the design, we can duplicate it and/or adjust the color. I have additional pictures I can send along with samples at our shop and you can also send samples in to match the table.

A lot of finished pieces are more than just a simple stain. Usually there are dyes, glaze coats, and other details that go into achieving a certain color. Our black shadowing/rub offers more depth and detail to the table. Depending on the look you’re after, casual vs. formal, certain details work best. Consistent black shadowing around the edges with a rich color is more formal. A lighter to medium tone color with inconsistent shadowing and rubbing out of the black creates a more casual look. Feel free to combine and alter to your perfection.

A Couple Key Points for Tables: It will be a focal point in your room, so you want it to stand out. I recommend either going darker or lighter than the floors. Darker and richer colors have a more formal/contemporary look, as opposed to a medium or even lighter color, which tends to be more casual.

Our tables are tough, due to both the finish we use, as well as the type of wood.

We use Commercial 2 Part Polyurethane on our wood. 2k poly is VERY chemical and water resistant. This finish is what makes our tables so easy to live with and what sets us apart.

We also use some of the hardest wood – hickory and ash. Our wood has no water marks, no heat marks, and is not affected by wine, household cleaners, bleach, gasoline, or nail polish remover.

There are various options for the base of your table – either a pedestal or 4 leg design. If you decide to go with a pedestal base, we offer many different types of pedestals for you to choose from. The more popular bases are the belly, single and double post, and the X. We offer different sizes based on preference and table size. We also build a lot of unique table bases, such as altering one of ours or building it from steel. We can also create a new, unique table base designed to match your exact needs.

There are several options for table legs. Standard thick square legs (3.5×3.5) are no additional cost, with the option of upgrading to 4.5″ or 5.5″ legs. On smaller tables, the bigger legs offer a bold statement, but for a larger table (7-8 feet and up) they almost become necessary for a proportional look. Optional turned, tapered, or claw foot legs offer a more elegant and sleek look.

Overhang on table legs: Minimal 1 1/2″ (contemporary look on the left) or Standard 2 1/2″ (farmhouse/traditional on the right). Only an inch difference, but the minimal one has a more contemporary look, whereas the standard is more of a traditional farm house style. This does not apply to flush legs and pedestals where overhang is predetermined. Upgrading to the flush legs offers even less, 3/4″ – 1″. Pedestal tables typically have more, roughly 3-4″ of overhang.

Our tables are all custom built to order. So we can make them any size you like, down to the inch. To help determine the size, the best thing you can do for yourself is to lay a size out in your space with either painters tape, cardboard, magazines, blankets, drop cloths, etc. Give yourself about 2.5 feet around the table, add some chairs if possible, and simulate as if the table is there. This is really helpful in determining the size and flow of your space. If you have an open area, I usually look at that as shared space, so you can encroach on it and might not need the 2.5 feet of room in that area. The 2.5 feet is a comfortable minimal buffer to allow you to pull the chair out, stand in front of it, and sit. I usually try to offer each person 24″ of room at the table. For example, an 8 foot table (96”) will seat 4 on each side, and if you go a bit wider, like 42″, you can seat one at each end comfortably. The same applies for a round table, but typically 48″ is good for seating 4, 60′ for 6, 72′ for 7-8, etc.

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Please Keep In Mind

Most furniture available today is made from various types of materials or thin strips of wood glued together, but rarely from such large solid wood planks as these tables. They offer great appeal and character, but are more susceptible to moisture and temperature changes. What this means is that the the table tops will move slightly. Minor cracks on ends could develop in dry environments and the legs or bases might have to be re-tightened. A minimal amount is perfectly normal and we do incorporate a few techniques to minimize it and allow the table to adjust. So, if you notice some changes, it’s just your table adjusting to its ever-changing environment. Stability of temperature and humidity is important. If you have exaggerated fluctuations in temperature or are at either end of the spectrum, the effects could be more pronounced and not necessarily warrantable.


If you order a table with the Flush Legs to the top, keep in mind that you might be able to tell that the top is shrinking and expanding in comparison to the stationary legs. What this means is that the gaps around the legs might change, but that’s completely normal as the top adjusts with the seasons.
* A credit card is required to be on file when the order is placed, but will not be charged unless specified upon delivery – Subject to 4% processing fee.

Let me start by saying THANK YOU!! This table is a work of art and the best piece of furniture I have ever purchased. The quality and detail is over the top, I couldn't have dreamed of it being more perfect! From the moment I visited your shop, I had confidence in your craftsmanship. I also have to mention your patience.. You spent so much time helping me think through the best design for our home. Our table makes a statement from the minute you walk in our door - and I am so grateful to have found your company!! Until next time... Continued good luck Scott!


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